Now I say “that’s great!” about the above anecdote. Another post that seemed to start out dark, but ended up being celebratory was about a young man who feared he had contacted an STD because he had had unprotected sex with an unknown female at some college spring break. His fear and panic was palpable in his post. But someone must have read the post and replied with some advice- no..not the refrain of “have safe sex, use a condom”, but instead mentioned that the young man could test himself at home or in his case in his dorm room with an at home std test which could be purchased online. The writer even included a url to the STD test kit site. About a week later, another post appeared from the same young man happily proclaiming he was STD free and “safe sex” was now his mantra. I wonder whether he really did follow his own advice. And if not, he could always buy another at home STD test kit!

* * Update * *
What a strange forum. Have you ever tried to look into this? It is way out there in left field. There are so many out there with dirty little secrets & they all want to tell someone. Think about it. Don’t you have a secret you are dying to get off of your chest? I know that I do but I would not dare do it. What if it was totally anonymous? What if you could tell the whole world about it but no one knew that you were the one telling them. Wouldn’t it help you to feel better? Would it help you to get it off of your chest? Now, think about this, you would not want to elaborate about any illegal activity. At least not of any serious nature because I am sure that it is monitored & I am sure that if the police requested records from them they would surely not put up a fight on your behalf.

That aside, many people would have plenty of dirty little secrets to let lose of. There would be a lot of people with skeletons in their closets that are dying to let people have a little peek at, especially if they could do so anonymously. The site is doing well & if you have never looked into it you should stop what you are doing & see what it is all about even if it is a snail mail based forum… And if you have some good news, silly or thoughtful, go for it as well!