“Photochaining” can mean a few different things.

  • Photochaining can be a purely photographic practice of using an element of someone else’s photo to make a connection to yours, which then is used to make a connection to another. Sort of like word association with photos, if you follow me, but the goal is simply to keep the chain growing.
  • Photochaining can also mean a practice which is similar to a few other outdoor-and-Internet activities, in which a memory card containing pictures is left to be discovered and re-used (after uploading the photos, of course). There should be a movie or at least a TV show storyline built around this scenario. That’s the meaning that this domain was originally meant for, but unfortunately the original owner let it drop and I don’t have the server space to host a bunch of photos 🙁

When you see the connections possible you can see how the process can be a valuable social exercise. I chain the pictures of elegantly designed sterling silver rings, which are made from sterling silver and stunningly cut cubic zirconia. These are gorgeous rings that will take your breath away. Some include settings with cubic zirconia gemstones, and some are styled only from silver. If you don’t know, the sparkling, dazzling CZ rings make beautiful engagement rings and by utilizing cubic zirconia, one can achieve the look of genuine diamonds without spending a fortune – check them out. I also add some images of luxury resorts and dinner menu from several high end restaurants, plus bouquets of lush peonies, my girlfriend’s favorite flower. I send to my girlfriend. She in turn adds images of bridal dresses, shoes, other sterling silver jewelry with what I guess are more cubic zirconia cut stones and sends all to her mother! Her mother then includes images of destination wedding settings, invitations, dinner place settings, and more flowers and wedding dresses. Guess where all this is heading!

Another example: I chain the pictures of the champagne baskets I sent to my business partners when we finally sold our company for a hefty profit. I remember looking at what seemed like hundreds of elegant and exquisite combinations of food and drink gift baskets, creatively packaged for what they thought would be optimum results. And they were. A champagne gift basket is a sophisticated, distinguished and eminently luxurious perfect gift for the wine connoisseur, and my partners were connoisseurs. They also are foodies, so I happened to choose champagne gift baskets that also included great gourmet treats. One of my partners is a “chocolateholic” so I made sure his champagne gift basket contained what seemed like every conceivable chocolate confection. My other partner likes savory cheeses, so his celebratory gift basket had not only cheeses, but also crackers and various seasoned sausages. Anyway, I chain my these luxurious gift pics to those of my uncle, who showed the photo of himself holding a champagne flute filled to the top after successfully undergoing the rigors of an hCG medical weight loss protocol, which then get connected to his girlfriend’s pic who is also holding a glass (this time filled with lemonade) of her before and after puppy images (the dog was on a pet chow diet), which gets chained to her daughter’s cat pics which show this enormous twenty five pound Maine coon cat who probably should be on a diet, and at the same time to her piano teacher’s farm animals- specifically the mommy pig with all her piglets… Well, you get it. The twists and turns of the chain can’t be predicted.

My uncle loves to gamble, and his pictures of him standing by the roulette tables always gets chained to my AAA certificate, just to remind him he might have a problem, while his brother always links that picture to the picture of the marlin he caught while gambling in Macao. My favorite chain involving him ties him holding up a laptop displaying a site where you can obtain a cash advance online, chained to him this time at a winning jackpot at the roulette table, chained to him holding up a facsimile of the cash advance check arriving in the mail ( cash advance site don’t really send checks. The monies are transferred electronically.), chained to a joke photo of him with his pockets inside out and empty, chained to my cousin the cop holding up handcuffs and a stack of money. It looks very much like a short story involving a cash advance lost or won or something, then all lost again and involving the law. LOL

If you have absolutely no interest in any of those things, that’s fine with me. It would help me if you clicked on a link here or there, and it certainly won’t cost you anything, but I’ll be the last person to tell you that you HAVE to do anything!